International Dance Day Online 2020

International Dance Day Online

Every year on the 29th of April dancers and dance lovers around the world gather to enjoy and celebrate dance.

This year we invite you to celebrate with us from the comfort of your home. You are welcome to join a remarkable collective of international dance artists and teachers who are going to excite and move you.
For anyone who loves dance, movement, creativity and physical activity.
Join as many classes as you like and watch performances at no cost.
Live-streamed on Zoom.


TeaTime Company

Instant- Improvised Zoom Performance by TeaTime Company

Performance Program Starts at 2.30pm GMT+1hr

Pieter Visser will lead a very short workshop in a movement quality focused on proprioception, focus and listening with eyes closed. We will then create a performance together that you can direct yourself, you choose the music, you choose when to watch and when to perform.
For this workshop/performance you will need to bring one ball: tennis ball, yoga ball, orange, apple (beware of what can cause a mess if it drops!), a sock filled with rice tied up.

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Conjecture by Vera Molova

Performance Program Starts at 2.30pm GMT+1hr

Vera is a 2019 winner in the Semi-Pro category in PoleArt Bulgaria competition. She holds a BA in Dance Theatre Studies from the Bulgarian National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts. Vera holds Masters in Psychology from the University of Veliko Turnovo St. Cyril and St. Methodius. At present she is developing her teaching career working as a Dance Teacher at Anglo-American School of Sofia and a Pole Dance Instructor at Sonya Pole Dance Studio and Pole Sport Dance Studio. She has worked as a performer at Coldpiece Dance Theatre Company and has choreographed various theatre productions for the Youth Theatre “Nikolai Binev”, Sofia Theater and Aleko Konstantinov State Satirical Theatre.

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Meije Fusion Bellydance

Meije Fusion Bellydance

Performance Program Starts at 2.30pm GMT+1hr

Meije started bellydance in 2012 and learned classical bellydance and tribal fusion Bellydance with Marie Noël Hamache and Cora Guilmot. Her interest for the fusion steers herself to learn through festivals and formations with international teachers like Orchidaceae company, Michelle Sorensen, Elizabeth Médina, or Illan Rivière. Her dance and her teaching is inspiring by lot of different styles of bellydance, contemporary and urban dance. Her gymnast and art martial experience feed into her dance too. That’s why she decided to use the « fusion bellydance» term as a style : A mix of bellydance and all of her influences.

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Kévin Coquelard

Performance Program Starts at 2.30pm GMT+1hr

Kévin Coquelard began dance and theatre in France. In 2008, he entered the Conservatoire de Paris where he danced in choreographies by Hofesh Schecter and Itzik Galili. Kévin made his Irish debut with John Scott in 2013, performing in widely including in New York, Paris and Dublin. Since, he also performed for Philip Connaughton, Catherine Young, Maria Nilsson Waller, Liz Roche, Jenny Roche, Emma Martin and Theater Lovett. His first solo, “Le somnanbule” won the Public’s Final Choice Award and the 2nd Prize of Dance in the 22nd Solo Tanz Festival in Stuttgart in March 2018.

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Kévin Coquelard
Stephanie Handjiiska Soft Questions

Stephanie Handjiiska

Performance Program Starts at 2.30pm GMT+1hr

Stephanie Handjiiska is a choreographer and director with international projects in London, Sofia, Tokyo, Cairo and Saigon. Stephanie recently graduated with a Master’s degree in Choreography from London School of Contemporary Dance.
She has worked with names such as Andrew Winghart, Michael Buble, Holly Blakey, Sherihan, BBC.
Her work concentrates on words like colour, femininity, success, work, identity. She is currently working on her solo SOFT QUESTIONS and the movie “A Glance from the Edge” in collaboration with Kosta Karakashyan. 

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