International Dance Day Online 2020

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Thanks for celebrating International Dance Day with us!

We hope the classes and performances during the event brought you joy and happiness.
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Thank you so much for organizing and running this beautiful initiative! I loved all the morning classes and I couldn’t stop smiling from happiness while dancing. Even tho they were all not so long all the amazing teachers managed to give a good impression of the different dance styles/techniques and I personally learned a lot and felt challenged! The performances were also awesome and truly inspiring! I am so thankful for this opportunity, this was one of the best international dance days I had so far!

Milena Crameri

To be honest I was afraid knowing 29th of April will come and we will cancel the international dance day celebration with all the joy and motive that it holds. I woke up that day really frustrated but the moment I got into the hip-hop class I know this will be our special celebration and search for motivation again..everything was fun in hip hop I remembered the teenager me trying to be a bad boy street dancer then the techniques in the floor ballet lesson. later it comes the contemporary that reminded every cell of my body how much we love this and how much it’s within us than the very exciting workshop and finally the waacking it was a real celebration with every real meaning to the word..thank you all 🖤

Rand Shahda

Thank you so much for putting the international dance day at home together. So much work must have gone into it. I’m so pleased I spotted it on the Dancing Opportunities‘ email! The whole day was so inspiring and a great variety of classes and performances. I feel inspired to do more dance – I am 60 now and it’s so important to keep the body moving and ‘stay in touch’ with my body. I’m inspired to try out some film and dance at home after seeing Kosta’s talk. I really loved your class Mihaela – body and emotions and stories and imagination all wrapped up together. Thank you so much.


Thank you for this unforgettable experience! 💕 I had a lot of fun and it went very smoothly! I can’t believe  you managed to organise so many dancers and great mentors and performers to come all together ❤️ I had great International dance day!

Aleksandra Shinino

Thank you so much! Sorry I don’t remember teacher’s names…took classes of hip hop, floor ballet, contemporary and wacking. All were fab. Thank you so much giving these classes in these uncertain times. Much needed! Greetings from Helsinki, Finland 🙂


All classes were fun and enjoyable and the performances too!!! I felt inspired a lot from new stuff I’ve never tried before like Waacking. I think it was a great opportunity we could celebrate and move crazily together during this hard time, thank you so much for such a wonderful event.

Raksa Alice

I feel moved, so nice to see so much people staying the whole morning and afternoon for this. THANKS Mihaela and everybody involved. So good to feel the company of everybody and share this day (and any) dancing with you.

Rocio Domínguez

It was a really enjoyable class, special thanks for Mihaela Griveva for such a wondeful and beautiful contemporary class.

Grace Napitupulu

So wonderful!! thanks for all the sharing everyone <3 such an amazing community – thanks mihaela for organising a fab fab international dance day 2020!

Laura Dowdall

It was an amazing experience and really gets you out of your comfort zone I just felt happy, so thank you for doing this, thank you, thank you, thaaank you! Lots of love and stay healthy.

Nadejda Manahilova

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