Helping you find inspiration and motivation to dance from the comfort of your home.

Celebrating International Dance Day 2020 and redefining the world of dance, human connection, joy and togetherness.
A unique blend of dance classes will give you the opportunity to taste and fall in love with dance. International artists will showcase work in an unusual setting bringing new dimensions to the performing arts and entertainment industry.

“Developing my dance practice in the midst of everything that’s happening at present has been an invaluable resource regarding the quality of my life.

Being able to take classes, give classes and meet other artists online has kept me motivated and sane. Wanting to share this joy with others motivated me to create this project for International Dance Day.

What better way than to bring a group of international dance artists together to entertain and share our passion for dance with those that love it too. From our homes to yours! Join us to celebrate International Dance Day.”

Mihaela Griveva

Online dance classes with Mihaela https://mihaelagriveva.com/onlinedance/


Mihaela Griveva



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